Jun 3, 2021 | Lifestyle

I have been obsessed with Podcasts for a long long time now and let me just say, it was SO hard to choose just 5 lol. But these 5 are ones that I’ve been listening to every week lately and that truly have helped me build a stronger mindset and outlook on life. From things like developing an everyday routine that sets you up for success, to building stronger leadership skills, and getting professional insight and tips on anxiety, health, and overall happiness. I am certain some if not all of these will resonate with you in some way. If you have some personal favorites of your own that I didn’t mention, please share them with me in the comments or on Instagram. I love discovering new topics and people to listen to and learn from! 🙂


This podcast I found not too long ago and have been obsessed ever since! Rob is so motivating and inspiring. He takes some of our most difficult struggles and simplifies them with easy shifts we can make daily to overcome them. If you don’t listen to any other podcast, I highly suggest at least checking out this one!


This podcast is geared towards women of color on a journey to becoming their best self mentally and physically. Shantel is a nutritionist and transformation coach with a ton of knowledge and tangible tips for creating a healthy mindset and healthy routines. Definitely a good podcast to inspire all you ladies!


One of the biggest motivators in the world, Ed Mylett. I have listened to so many of his podcasts over and over again because they are just so incredibly motivating and inspiring. This man has a whole lot of wisdom and experiences and is one of my faves! If you’ve never heard him speak, just search him on YouTube and thank me later! 🙂


I’ve followed Francesca for quite awhile now on Insta and YouTube and have always loved her viewpoint on how to create a place for joy in your life. She talks all things business, mindset, wellness, and JOY! She also interviews different women to share their viewpoint, struggles, and how they overcame obstacles. Super inspiring!


Last but definitely not least, Jay Shetty! This is another one I recently discovered and was immediately impressed after listening to just one episode. I love listening to the deep, insightful conversations he has with doctors, celebrities, and some top leaders. It is so interesting hearing how these people got to where they are or how they dealt with life’s struggles. This podcast overall is just so so good!

If you’d like to read more tips for mindset and mental health, click here and check out my blog post where I dive into 10 ways to better manage! Until next time♡


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